CHINGHIZ MUSTAFAYEV, Azerbaijan Television reporter:

... Dozens and dozens of shot dead people (most of them point-blank through the head), children aged from 2 to 15, women, old age people. The location of the corpses proves thaf it was a cold-blooded slaughter, there were no signs of resistance or attempts to escape. Some civilians were shot separately, the others were killed in groups, or families. Some corpses have several wounds but every corpse has at least one wound in the head. It means that the wounded were finished off afterwards.
The camera witnessed several children with their ears cut off. The skin from the left part of the old woman's face was missing. Men were scalped. There were corpses with the signs of pillage.
First time we arrived at the scene of massacre by two war helicopters on February 28. Up from the helicopter we saw the mountainside of about 500 metres long filled with corpses. The pilots were scared of landing because the area was controlled by Armenian bandits. However when we managed to land and stepped onto the land ihe shooting started. The Internal Ministry men were to load the corpses and take them to the relatives pf the dead. They managed to load only 4 corpses. We were all shocked. Two men after seeing so many dead and mutilated corpses fainted. Many people gol sick.
The same thing happened on March 2, when we flew there with foreign journalists. Many dead-bodies were even more mutilated than before. They had been scoffed at for several days...