The USA's Congress called the terrible carnage in Khojaly

"The tragedy of 1992", especially for the brutality and atrocities committed by Armenians. At that time Armenians killed there about thousand Azerbaijanians. However by then 100 thousands of people were killed in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There were atrocities in Bosnia too, but Armenian's atrocities were much terribly. The conclusion of decision American's Congress' was based upon this. There are some examples from the hundreds:

  • Aslanov Ingilab, the soldier of Azerbaijan National Army. Gouged out his eyes, cut the sexual organs and killed.
  • Mamadova Tamara. With bullet wound was brought to the Armenian's public, gouged out her eyes with screwdriver under the Armenian's yelling. Then cut her bosoms.
  • Kerimov Samray. The corpse was founded with gouged out his eyes and with the bottle in the anus. Many people were burnt alive, especially the soldiers of Azerbaijan Army and Meskheti's Turks, including Huseinov Shakir, Imani Agaev, Mamedov Saray, Radjabov Djabrail-the soldiers of Azerbaijan Army. Hands and legs were banded with the wire of Farzalieva Djakhan and poured over her petrol and burnt…