Mass-Media about those tragical days...

The Washington Post The Washington Times The New York Times

  “Crual L’Eveneman” magazine (Paris), March 25, 1992:

“The Armenians attacked Khojaly district. The whole world became the witness of the disfigured dead bodies. Azeris speak about thousand killed people”.


“Sunday Times” newspaper (London), March 1, 1992:

“Armenian soldiers annihilated the hundred families”.


“Financial times” newspaper (London), March 9, 1992:

“…Armenains shot down the column of refugees, fled to Aghdam. The Azerbaijani side counted up about 1200 dead bodies…
… The cameraman from Lebanon confirmed that the rich dashnak community of his country send the weapon and people to Karabakh”.


“Times” newspaper (London), March 4, 1992:

… “Many people were mutilated, and it was remained only the head of one little girl”


“Izvestiya” newspaper (Moscow), March 4, 1992:

“…Camcoder showed the kids with the cut off ears. One old woman were cut off the half of her face. The men were scalped…”


“Financial Times”, March 14, 1992:

“General Polyakov said 103 Armenian servicemen from regiment No 366 stayed in Nagorni Karabakh”.


“Le Mond” newspaper (Paris), March 14, 1992:

“… The foreign journalists in Aghdam saw the women and three scalped children with the pulled off nails among the killed people. This is not “Azerbaijani propaganda”, but reality”


“Izvestiya” newspaper, March 13, 1992: 

    “Major Leonid Kravets: “I saw about hundred dead bodies on the hill. One little boy was without head. Everywhere were the dead bodies of women, children, elders killed with the particular brutality”. 


“Valer actuel” magazine (Paris), March 14, 1992:

“…On this “autonomous region” Armenian armed forces together with the people who are natives of Near East have the most modern military equipment, including the helicopters. ASALA has military bases and ammunition depots in Syria and Lebanon. Armenians annihilated Azerbaijanis of Karabakh, implemented bloody massacre in more than 100 Moslem villages”.
    Journalist of british TV company “Funt man news” R. Patrick who visited the palce of tragedy: “Crime in Khojaly can not be justified in public opinion”.