Mother Strangled Her Child

That night the clouds and stones, the trees and steps in Khojaly wept with blood , the streams flowed only the blood of innocent Azeris of Khojaly, the rocks in Khojaly cracked from the groans of women, children and elders.
The God was fallen asleep that night, he did not hear these moans. No one could find the words to describe the massacre perpetrated by fascist armenians. Khojaly was buried with blood that night and its people's morality were trampled, its women and children were violated… Yes, I dare to say the God turned his face from all of us, people of the world, may be he was ashamed of armenian atrocity.
Valide Nesibova, eyewitness describes the events:
"25th February at 11 pm. , my brother Telman returned home and told my mother that the situation in Khojaly is overly dangerous. It seems they're surrounding us. Take the children and leave the city. My other brothers Tofig, Eldar, husband Famil and our neighbor Vagif were at the front line. My elder brother Telman made us leave the city. Till 2 o'clock we stayed in the forest. Shooting continued the whole night, they burned our houses. Despite the fact that there were only about 50 soldiers, they didn't stop shooting and slew defenseless people, who could not leave. We went through the forest to the mountain Katik. After witnessing how armenians violate women and children, one shot his own mother and sister in order not to be captive. One woman strangled her child crying with pains, in order not to be detected. At the dawn we witnessed the real horrible. One lost one's child, one's mother, one lost in the forest and died. It was impossible to return. Suddenly we saw a car on the step , they called us by in Azeri by our names. We ran to them, with hope of safety and thought, that they are the soldiers of our army, but when we came nearer, they began to shoot. There became alive 10-15 from 50-60 who has run to them. Then they shot us again and again. Here they have performed a tremendous brutality.
I remember, it was exactly six o'clock, suddenly I felt a pain in my leg, they wounded me also. My leg was bleeding, but I had to go despite any pains, just for sake of my son, who was 2 years old then. I had to save his life, because I lost my family, all my relatives, have no one except him. I almost have reached Aghdam, suddenly have lost my consciousness because of the pain in my leg.
In hospital I didn't find my son - Fazil with me. He has frozen that night but survived. I could meet with Fazil 8 months later. Fazil's now 10 years old, but he is still sick. We don't know still any information about my brothers Tofig and Eldar.
Now I'm taking care for the children of my neighbors and co-villagers. We depend on just a little pension but no any other grants." This story shook all of us, it is difficult to look her eyes.
Just to think, how could she contend with all these atrocities. But she don't think anymore that armenians are human. The azeri genocide perpetrated in Khojaly by armenian fascists must get pertinent assessment by the world community.

Fahri Karimli