The New Era of Fascism

The humanity frequently remembers the brutality of 1939-1945 The World War II, makes films exposing fascists and researches reasons of massacre up to now. It seemed to us that carnage committed by fascist was a limit of the wildness. But we could not guess that the most wildness will precede our history of independence. How could we realize that this genocide act made by Armenia will overweight all we have read in books, journals, seen in pictures, and movies about Nazi crimes? How could we imagine that, human was able to do such wildness? I can't imagine the level of hatred to Azeri Turks, that made Armenian fascists tear the pregnant woman and slay unborn baby. It is difficult for normal human not only to voice any opinion about the Azeri Genocide in Khojaly, but also just to hear something about this tragedy.
Now we are witnessing the actual genocide problem based on false facts as though Turks committed a massacre. I dare to say that USA or France has not come across with nation who trades with their corpses, but we are the real historical witnesses of this fact. Since 1828 being moved from Iran to Azerbaijan by terms of Turkmenchay treatment, Armenians have changed their poor fellow character into wild, ruthless one and perpetrated several horrible massacres: in 1905-1906, in 1918 and at lasts on 26th February 1992. I have to mention that they slew over 100.000 people by a short period in 1918 in Baku, Guba, Lenkeran and in every region of Azerbaijan. You should not amaze at the Azeri genocide act committed by Armenians, basing on the fact that, they are bringing up with hatred against Azeri Turks and Turks at large.
Perpetrating Azeri Genocide Armenians intended to scare historical inhabitants, ordinary people of Karabakh not to let over 50.000 people return to their historical lands, their motherland. We Azeri Turks are witnessing the Armenian hatred, its wildness and fascism...But unfortunately, the present world community hears only those cry loudly. This is terrible for us especially, because may be in some years Armenians can commit again any massacre more hardy than Khojaly Genocide.
Initially, they are dangerous for entire humanity, because whenever and anywhere they will demonstrate their wildness. May be whenever they will violate any French woman, will shoot her untimely born baby, will violate children of 4-5 ages, will skin people lively, will crumple their heads with tank, will tear and burn people alive...