Appeal to the people of Azerbaijan in connection with ninth anniversary of Khojaly genocide

Under such given scientific-sensational title has been recently published the new book of the doctor of historical sciences, Professor Asadov

Sabir Jalal oglu. The book consists of 3 chapters:

  1. First, "Armenian historiography" falsification and modernization
  2. Second, "Why Armenian highland?"
  3. Third, "Armenia and Urartu"
  4. Fourth, "So-called "Great Armenia"
  5. Fifth, "Armenia after the first partition"
  6. Sixth, "Armenian issue and the policy of great powers"

On the base of rich historical facts the author skillfully answers the questions:

  • "Was there any "Great Armenia?"
  • "Why the history in Armenian historiography falsifying and mystifying?"
  • "How and when the myth about the "Great Armenia" has created?"
  • "What is known about the "Armenia" and "Ayastan"
  • "The essence of Armenian issue" etc.

In order to realize the truth, the author has chosen the untouched way - the contraposition of thoughts in the form of catechism, thesis-antithesis.

The main purpose of the monograph - On the base of generalization truthful facts, prove by the objective scientific analysis the following:
  1. The concept of "Armenia" and "Armenian State" appeared not 2200 years BC, but in VI century BC (521 year).
  2. There were no state called "Great Armenia". Tigran II has invented "Great Armenia".
  3. The place-name of "Armenian highland" doesn't have any relations with the present Armenia and at the end of XIX century G.G.Abikh have used this concept.
  4. "Armenian issue" doesn't have any scientific basis and is only invention of international Armenian propaganda.
  5. In 1915-1918 years there was no Armenian genocide, on the contrary, there was Turkish genocide. Facts are that, in exchange for killed 600.000 Armenians, and there were exterminated about 2.500.000 Turks.
  6. Armenia - Azerbaijan conflict of last ten years is a continuation of previous fantasies about "Great Armenia".

The fantasy about "Great Armenia" still keeps on disturbing minds and confusing the issue nowadays. The only purpose of Armenian historiography is at any price "to prove", that Armenia is ancient and great, and with it to pretend to creation of "Great Armenia". This claim brought to extermination millions of innocent people and demolition a lot of villages and cities over the last century.

Note: We are going to translate and publish some interesting parts of this book. And we hope you will get more true information about so-called "Great Armenia".