The historical geography of the West Azerbaijan

The presented book for the first time opens the demographical, ethnographical and factical materials about azerbaijanians, azeri turks of the West Azerbaijan, the present Armenia.
The first and the main quality of this collection is exactly its closeness to the sane sense, justice and the human sensations, also there were not escaped any expressions against any nation.
The authors, scientists, who directly familiar with the history of national relations and culture of the West Azerbaijan's population, collected in this book the very exact and unassailable facts.
The extermination of azerbaijanians by armenians has started since past times, raised up to the level of state policy…only during the very small period of Dashnak's rule (May, 1918-November, 1920), there were murdered 60 percents of azerbaijan population (A. Lalayan). In 1918-1920 years all of the azerbaijanian villages of Sisyan district were destroyed, crashed 115 moslem-turkish villages in Zangazur district, murdered 3257 men, 2270 women, 2190 children, wounded 1060 men, 794 women, 4259 children…There were crashed 199 villages (10626 person) in Irevan state till March, 1918.
This collection is a produce of a hard work and researches, is dedicated to the historical devolopment of azeri-turks and their bitter fate, who lived thousands of years in the West Azerbaijan, which was named as Armenia recent times.
In the begining of the century azerbaijanians had an absolute majority of the West Azerbaijan's population. Azerbaijanians occupied 75 percents and armenians 25 percents of the West Azerbaijan's territory in the first quarter of XIX. According to the armenian sources, to the end of the XIX century there were 2310 populated locations in the West Azerbaijan, and 2000 of them were azerbaijanian's. There is a detailed information in this collection about azerbaijani populated 2 states, 7 districts and 34 regions. There were 1300 azerbaijani populated locations in above mentioned states in 1922, but till 1988 their number decreased to 210.
As a result of the Genocide of Azerbaijanis by Armenia in 1988, we have lost our historical and ancient lands - Irevan Khanate, Goycha, Vedybasar, Daralayaz and Zangazur regions.
There is a large information about scientists, intelligency and well-known personalities of the West Azrebaijan. There is also a special section dedicated to the issue of moral and cultural genocide, the destruction of monuments, sanctuaries and the values of material and spiritual culture. This section includes the change of azerbaijani topographic names as well; in 1935-1989 years there were changed 750 names of azerbaijani origin to armenian. You can find the ancient and real names of the present armenian districts and villages' names, the date of their change in this section.

The main conclusions are below:
  • The Azerbaijanian people, who lived thousands years in the present Armenia are the ancient inhabitants of the mentioned areas.
  • Approximately 80 percents of armenians, the citizens of the present Armenia moved from Iran, Turkey and other foreign countries.
  • Azerbaijanians, who lived in Armenia were subjected not only to physical genocide, but also spiritual genocide and torments. 2 million of Azerbaijanians were subjected to bloody chase, 500.000 were murdered…
  • We have left not only our ancient lands in Armenia, but also our thousand-year history; We have left our cemetries, where rest our ancient forefathers, historical monuments, mosques, bridges, fortresses… As a result of Azerbaijanian Genocide in 1988 in Armenia, exiled 250.000 azerbaijanis, murdered 450 innocent people, the majority of them are elders, children and women.

Note: We are going to translate some interesting parts of this book. And we hope you will get more information about the West Azerbaijan's realities and its ancient history.