The Tragedy of The Century

26 February, 1992… This date will engage a place of violence of national morality and spiritual values in the history of Azerbaijan nation. Khojaly is innocent violated child of our mother, of our Azerbaijan….The tragedy, which bent our nation must be written in the world history as the genocide against azeri turks. Because otherwise, the next generation will never forgive us.
The 336th regiment comprising armenian soldiers and officers surrounded Khojaly at 22.50, on 25th of February and during the whole day they rolled over the city and slew about 613 azeri turks, perpetrating a horrible massacre.
First of all, we have to underscore that, all brutal cases were committed exclusively by armenian soldiers of 366th regiment of Soviet Army. Then the present Armenia`s President R.Kocharyan managed a retail of the corpses. This genocide act was a continue of the massacre committed at the beginning of the century by Armenians, which masterminded by Shaumyan, and they slew over 100.000 azeri turks between 1918 and 1921 years in Baku, Guba, Lenkeran, Shamakhi, Irevan(Erevan), Zangazur, Karabakh, Gafan, Aghbaba(Amasiya), Nakhichevan and in other regions of Azerbaijan.
Every Azeri, will never forget this act of genocide and we don't despair that entire world society will hear us. We hope that not only we, but also entire world society will make armenian fascists answer for this GENOCIDE.

Elshad Miralem