Appeal to the all Azerbaijanis of the world

Dear compatriots, countrymen!

The war has been waged on the land of Azerbaijan – the sacred Motherland of our ancestors, on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan already for 6 years. Aggressive armed forces of the Republic of Armenia, beguiling the mind of Armenian people by dreams about “Great Armenia”, with open and latent assistance of some countries occupied 12 districts of our country. The enemy destroys our villages and cities, commits inconceivable crimes and brutality on our lands, which have no precedent in the history of humanity. Khojaly genocide is irrefutable evidence of this.
The terrible tragedy of Khojaly city and its inhabitants took place on February 26 1992 is the most shocking event of the XXth century witness of which became the humanity. This brutality was implemented by Armenian fascists with assistance of infantry guards regiment No 366 of former Soviet Army. That day hangmen pitiless killed defenseless peaceful civilians – the elders, women, children and dumb babies. Armenian fascists scalped the heads of dead people, put out their eyes, cut off various parts of their bodies, buried the live people, and burnt out them. By such actions they showed that they deserve hatred of all people irrespective of their faith, nationality, race.
The tragedy took place in Khojaly on February 26 1992 is the genocide against our nation. 335 people of 5 thousand of peaceful population of the city became the shehids (martyrs), 6 families were killed completely, 421 people were wounded, 150 were missing and taken as hostages, 25 children became the orphan lost both parents, 130 children lost one of their parents. Khojaly city was plundered and burnt, 3 schools, a hospital, 3 aid posts, 3 clubs, 3 kindergartens and other buildings were entirely destroyed. As a result of Khojaly city destroying the damage worth multi-billions rubles was done to the state and personal property of the citizens.
The second anniversary of the tragedy in Khodjali will be commemorate on the state level this year, our people commemorates this date with sorrow. Milli Majlis (National Assembly) of the Republic of Azerbaijan adopted resolution on declaration of February 26 as “The Day of Khojaly genocide” that henceforth will commemorate every year.
By this appeal addressing to all Azerbaijanis of the world Milli Majlis of the Republic calls all our compatriots, countrymen united by one Motherland – Azerbaijan to commemorate February 26 as “The day of Khodjali genocide”. Milli Majlis is confident that Azerbaijanis of the world support this appeal, use all opportunities to inform the public of the countries where they live about those terrors that Armenian occupants implemented against our people during their aggressive war against Azerbaijan, and in that way they join to our struggle for liberation of our native lands from enemy.

Adopted by Milli Majlis
of the Republic of Azerbaijan
on February, 24 1994