Appeal of Khojaly inhabitants to the peoples of the world, to the states and international organizations in connection with fifth anniversary of Khojaly genocide

The world should know that the Azerbaijani people are commemorating Khojaly genocide already the fifth year.

By decision of Milli Majlis (Parliament) of the Azerbaijan Republic February, 26 declared the day of Khojaly genocide.

That day in 1992 Armenian aggressors supported by imperialistic forces and infantry guards regiment No 366 of former Soviet Union billeted in Khankendi implemented once more unprecedented brutal act. They razed to the ground Khojaly city having ten thousands population, brutally killed hundreds of helpless innocent people. As a result of brutality of criminal Armenian military formations 485 people became shehids (martyrs), 487 – invalids. About thousands of inhabitants of Khojaly - elders, children, women were taken as hostages and subjected to unthinkable tortures, insults and humiliation from the part of Armenians. 106 people who became shehids were women, 33 of them – infants. Among invalids were 76 boys and girls who didn’t reach mature age, 6 families were annihilated completely, 25 children lost both of their parents, 130 children lost one of their parents.
On the basis of facts it is established that 56 people were killed with particular brutality and fury. They were burnt alive, their heads were cut off, they were skinned, eyes of infants were put out, expectant mothers were thrust by bayonets. The dead bodies were subjected to profanation that couldn’t be expressed by words.
Elaborate policy of ethnic cleaning that pursued against Azerbaijanis on Caucasus for last 150 years resulted in expatriation of them from their historic ethnic lands by Armenians who appropriated these territories, five years ago ended by their next brutality – Khojaly genocide that became the crime against not only the Azerbaijani people, but against humanity and mankind. We concern now that the most terrible massacre of the XXth century – Khojaly tragedy – took place before the eyes of civilized states and authoritative international organizations and this act was not condemned defined in the international arena.
When the crime is not punished, new tragedies is implemented. Slighting attitude of the states and nations of the world inspired of Armenian fascists to realize the myth about creation of multiethnic state of Great Armenia at the expense of historical Azerbaijani lands and blood of our nations. As a result of it there are no Azerbaijanis in Armenia, 20 percents of the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan is occupied, more than one million innocent people became refugees on their motherland.
Khojaly inhabitants saved due to chance as a result of genocide of February, 26 got status of refugee and now live in tents in the districts and cities of Azerbaijan in unbearable conditions. However, we don’t hope for next humanitarian assistance, new tent towns. We entirely supported efforts of our respected President H. Aliyev directed at the ending of war by peaceful means appeal to you and say: if humanity want to live in safety, and people – comfortably, Khojaly genocide should be condemned resolutely by the states and peoples of the world, culprits, orginizers and executors of this historic crime should be punished, refugees should return to their native lands, aggressors should be curbed. We call you to defend the truth, justice, to express your protest to not allow our brittle peace. Let Khojaly genocide will be the past tragedy in the history of humanity.

February, 21 1997