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Azeri Genocide committed by Armenians on 26th February 1992

The book of "Nations of Russia-ethnographic essay", which published in 1880, describes the national features of Armenians and the reasons of this nation's disaster as below:

"Armenians dispersed throughout the empire, but the large number of them have located in Caucasus, especially near to Ararat and the source of Araz.
Armenians have mixed with other local nations of Caucasus and settled in Georgia, formed the majority of Tbilisi population. Besides, they live in Akhalcikh, Kizliar, Mozdock, Stavropol and Georgievsk. There are a large number of Armenians in Astrakhan and Krim as well."(30a, p.331)
Being under the citizenship of various states and dispersing throughout the world, Armenian tribes have lost their national features because of different climate, life style and occupation.

"The cunning is the diversified feature of armenian personality:

boasting brings to deception, and the words are the tools for hiding ideas. They think according to their inconstancy - unnecessary man is forgetting very immediately ...They are patient, easily moved to laughter, moderated up to stinginess...
Passion to money and a desire to get rich makes armenians to be cheater, swindler, sneaky and able to think strangely well when it is important to cheat, to flatter, looking for job, performing the job with great zeal...just for realizing hope in advantage, often for even impossible advantage." (30b, p.332)
The dispersing throughout the world caused armenians' unnatureness, thinks V. L. Velichko. He describes armenians in his book of "Review of Russian possessions behind the Caucasus" as below: "Armenians, relating to Moisseev people, scattered throughout the world, to get all the riches, which they couldn't have in their country under potentates. This is the reason of unnatureness of armenian: he became cosmopolitan, the country where his profits are great and he is in safe, that country becomes his motherland gradually. But the shyness of his spirit is noticeably: it is necessary very evident and profitable offers for interest of armenian...The cunning and cheating-are an important features of unenlightened, more so trader nations like armenians. The all kinds of fraud are allowed during trading for armenians.
They owned the trade in Tbilisi and the whole Caucasus...They're - interpreters, lecturers, factors:

by one word, where is a profit, certrainly there are armenians. Self-interest is the main engine of their minds and actions".(12a, p.82)

Impartial, humane and moral Tacit, who could praise the germans - enemies of Rome, said about armenians in his 2nd book of "Ab excessu Augisti" the below:

"This is a native two-faced nation of its character and geographical position; always were in horrible hate towards romans and had sufficient envy to parphians".
"You are poltroon, you are slave, you are armenian" - said Pushkin, by face of old highlander. The georgian people says: "Movid somekhimoytana skhva mekhi"(means: New armenian came with new trouble). The Caucasian tatars about armenians: "Burn your five fingers like candle for armenian way, but he will not even thank you". The russian people from past times used to name armenians as bastard, buffoon and wild people.

Nekrasov, the russian leading and humane poet, writes:

She refused angrily
Fiance with solid rank,
And get crowned
With any armenian

Jemchujnikov, the russian well-known poet writes:

I lie alone
On the narrow bed,
Cries armenian
In neighbour tent.

The word "cries" is not casual, but exceedingly typical: they used to cry for every cause. If they are not allowed to come in other's home, revealing their tricks or some armenian condemned to theft, - they cry, even they compel to cry other co-clans, stupid and bastard armenians.

The French travellier, graph De Scholle writes about armenians the following:

"In spite of the armenians poverty and torment, which caused on me great compassion, I could never get close to them, their cheating is cursedly, abjection is shameful and is outrageous their dirty tricks".

The German travellier writes about armenians in his book of "Outlines of Anatolia" the bellow:

"Nearly everyone, who touches upon the kernel of the nation, learns to respect and love turks, to humiliate greek, to hate and despise armenians...Everywhere justifies the proverb, that greek defrauds 2 jewes, but armenian defrauds 2 greeks. Certainly, if you have defrauded in Anatolia, so you had a business with armenian". He writes else, "When I had a business with turks, so I didn't need the written document, because his vow is enough. When I had a business with greeks, I was in need to sign the written document, because it is important for them. But, when I had a business with armenians, I didn't sign any documents, because even the written document can't barrier their mendacity and intrigue".(b.6, p.188-191)

We'd like to continiue the list of opinions about armenians with the phrases from the well-known book of Asias's wisdom, "Gabusname":

"Armenians differ from other nations of the world with their filthy personality. The vice of each armenian: they are hostile, awkward, thief, envious, coward, illiterate, instigator, unfaithful, hypocrite, swearer, traitor and betray. By one word the armenian personality is full of negative features".

English scientist, Vilson wrote about armenians the following:

"Armenians are greedy and mencenary, plotters, instigators, boasters and they don't like anyone except theirselves. They have talent to exaggerate the small problem and love to arouse intrigues".

The great french writer Alexandre Duma wrote about armenians:

"Armenians always were under the rule of different states of the various religions. Therefore they have turned into cunning and cheat people, who can hide their thoughouts, intentions and senses".

K. Marx and F. Engels wrote about armenians:

"Armenians for the first time brought and spread the prostitutism throughout the world". (Miscellaneous articles, III part, page 275).

The great Russian writer Griboyedov organized the transmigration of armenians from Iran, when he was the Russian ambassador to Iran. He wrote a letter to Russia's Emperor about the location of armenians the following:

"Majesty, I would like to ask you don't allow to locate armenians at the central russian regions. Because they are such filth and shameless clans that, will shout throughout the world and claim those lands as their "ancient motherland"..." Therefore Russian Emperor located armenians not in the Central Russia, but in Caucasus for destroy the strong and ancient relations of Caucasus nations".

Pushkin expressed his feelings about armenians:

"Armenian, you are wild, murderer, villain, coward and betrayer. You are the "owl", that devastates our town and villages. Despite of all, I don't reproach you, because you are an armenian !"
There is no any armenian in Israel, because jews have experienced the betrayer personality of armenians and armenians can't cheat anyone in Israel.

The great general Amir Teymur said these words a little before his death:

"The future generations either will reproach or gratitude me for leaving armenians in life".

The famous persian poet, Sadi Shirazi about armenians:

"Armenian is the snake of the world,
Is the enemy of the humanity."
In the IX century, the armenian merchant sahl Sumbat betrayed Babek the azerbaijanian leader of opposition to arabs and got rich well.

The "Armenian" historic, Movses Khorenatsy wrote about armenians:

"As now, since the past times ancient "hay"s didn't like the sciences, poems and songs.
That's why there's no importance to speak about stupid, illiterate, ignorant and wild people".

The well-known armenian writer, the citizen of USA, L. Z. Surmalian in his book, "Lady and Gentleman, my appeal is to you", wrote the following:

"The reason of the contradiction between turks and armenians is the continuous cruelty by armenian nationalists in return of turkish and azeri nations' humanism, careness and patriotism".

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