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Azeri Genocide committed by Armenians on 26th February 1992

The only pain, which is more intolerable than the pain of soul, is the pain of a mother's heart. It's the top of human pain, the maximum of misfortune.
There is a trustworthy scientific fact: when a man was being punished with birch, the bloody strips appeared both on the back of the punished man and his mother, watching the torture of her son. And what was the pain of Khojaly woman like, whose son was beheaded like a sheep as a sacrifice to Armenian soldier in front of her eyes? This new Armenian tradition is officially known. There are also some old "traditions" of Neanderthal Armenians, which they used in Khojaly.
For example, raping of children. The Israel journalist Lukimson wrote that Armenian beasts raped a 4-year old girl, her elder sister and their mother. Scalping of alive and dead people is also practiced, with the aim of demonstration to relatives and getting award for "military service"...
An Armenian bandit-gorilla took away from her mother a two year old girl showing him her little fist, and threw her alive into the fire... There had been wars in the history, cities had been invaded, people died. But Khojaly is different, it's not a war, it's villainy, the Armenian evil. It can be only compared with the previous Armenian actions-in Van, Erzurum, Kars, Bitlis, Kilikia, Sadarak, Nakhchivan, Baki, and Shemakha...

You can hardly imagine the more armed are the Armenians and the less defended their enemy, the more merciless and dreadful the Armenians are.

The crowd of frightened people, running away from armed Neanderthals...The children are crying, falling and hurting badly their knees and heads, as there is no road, there are rocky mountains and icy ground covered with snow that dark winter night.

Samed Talibov, 62, frost-bitten legs:
"...Everything was burning in the town...People in horror were running in the darkness. About 120-130 people and me ran to the Kyatuk wood. The most people were bare feet, sleepy, having just jumped from their beds…"

Minesh Aliyeva, 50, bullet-wounded hand:
"...We were wandering about the forest, falling into the deep snow..."

Sobbing woman are dragging their children after themselves, the old, weak, wounded men being backwards try to help others, - hurry up, hurry up: they are hardly able to drag legs along, they are falling down, trying to stand up, somebody gives them hand powerless men help more powerless.
Oh! Where are you the greatest artist of all the times? Goya, Vereshagina, Delakura? None of you have painted, none of you! Have you ever seen such a thing? Could you imagine? Daly himself with his great imagination would not be able imagine this picture, he couldn't even find a name for it. Is it a brutality? Is it a horror or cruelty? No, it is the genocide. It is impossible to imagine. One must see it; you must be there, to run in this stream of madness from death to more terrible death.
Sona Aliyeva. Her legs were got frostbitten. The toes were amputated. She had hidden in the forest for 12 days.
"Armenians wounded her husband in Khojaly. He could not and did not want to go with us. But we helped him, dragged him to the forest for three days. He was racked with pain, asked to drink. I gave him snow, but he wanted water. When he died, he said to take the passport and money out of his pocket. He died and I couldn't do it".
Having left the frostbitten corpse and those who died of wounds and wounded, all adults and children in snowy forest at last the people crawl out of the forest to the flat place.
Have we really survived? Oh, no!
Yavar Aliyev, 7 years, bullet wound in hand and chest.
"When the shooting began we went down into the neighbors basement. Then we ran to the forest."
Yavar`s mother, Naciba Aliyeva.
"There were 40 people with us. We tried to escape. Near the bridge there were about 50-armed men in the uniform of OMON (special police detachment). They called us in Azeri, we became glad and ran towards them and only then realized that they began shooting us. From 40 people only 14 remained alive".

When the whole crowd of refugees came to the first Armenian settlement, village Kyatuk, exactly for the general's estimate began the first stage of "operation" shooting from directions.
Khumar Salimova, 19 years, splinter wounds in shoulder and in face.
"We didn't know what to do and where to run. We went towards the mountain Kyatuk. Before we reached Kyatuk Mountain more than one hundred people had been left dead on the ground killed by the enemy's bullets. Splinters of "Alazan" killed the women running near me and I was wounded"…

There, near the village "Nakhichevanik" were killed and taken at the prisoner all people. But not everybody! Some of them could break through this special line of ambush. Armenians have provided for this also. The people who broke through met the third fire line near Gulabli and Armenians caught about 200 people from Khojaly. Armenians met the another group from Khojaly not far from the Azerbaijanian's fighter's trench near Shelli…

The USA's Congress called the terrible carnage in Khojaly "The tragedy of 1992", especially for the brutality and atrocities committed by Armenians. At that time Armenians killed there about thousand Azerbaijanians. However by then 100 thousands of people were killed in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There were atrocities in Bosnia too, but Armenian's atrocities were much terribly. The conclusion of decision American's Congress' was based upon this.
There are some examples from the hundreds:

  • Aslanov Ingilab, the citizen of Khojaly. Gouged out his eyes, cut the sexual organs and killed.
  • Mamadova Tamara. With bullet wound was brought to the Armenian's public, gouged out her eyes with screwdriver under the Armenian's yelling. Then cut her bosoms.
  • Kerimov Samray, the citizen of Khojaly.The corpse was founded with gouged out his eyes and with the bottle in the anus.
Many people were burnt alive, especially the soldiers of Azerbaijan Army and Meskheti's Turks, including Huseinov Shakir, Imani Agaev, Mamedov Saray, Radjabov Djabrail-the soldiers of Azerbaijan Army.
Hands and legs were banded with the wire of Farzalieva Djakhan and poured over her petrol and burnt…

I want to inform you with the results of the medical examination only 181 corpses, which were taken from Khojaly to Agdam.
According to the distribution of injuries:
with bullet-151;
with blunt instruments-10.

According to the places of injuries disposition;
head sphere-40,
hands and legs-11.

On 3 frizzed hands and legs;
33-torment - were taken off bosoms, noses, ears, shooting into the sexual organs of women, gouged out eyes, broken teeth, cut of sexual organs of men.

31-were dead by different methods-from bullet's wound, from the injuries of blunt instruments, from cutting and pickling instruments, and so on.
13 had-burning on surface body, charred.
10 had-with bullet and splinter wounds;
established also traces of military technical equipment on their body.

Now…You know what's the problem in the settlement of Karabakh conflict: the hate of Armenians against Turks. They did more terrible carnages than Khojaly at different places where the innocent Turks met them. Fall, 1987…A raped old aged woman found with cut bossoms and killed in Kazakh, 2 years before the starting the war in Karabakh. A man found with cut sexual organs, gouged eyes and killed at the same place a month later…

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