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Azeri Genocide committed by Armenians on 26th February 1992

"Armenia: The Great Deception-Secrets of a 'Christian' Terrorist State."
by Samuel A. Weems

    Samuel A. Weems’ new book could be titled ONE GOOD REASON THE MUSLIM WORLD HATES THE UNITED STATES. This book exposes selfish and wrong actions by the tiny state of Armenia and how they continue to use Christianity to obtain foreign aid from Christian nations and funding by Christian churches. Weems notes that foreign aid is the number one import of Armenia today and terrorism is this tiny state’s number one export.
    The author of this book is a Scottish American, a life long Baptist, and a taxpayer. He has done extensive research in archives in Washington, D.C., London, England, Paris, France, Moscow, Russia and Istanbul, Turkey. The Armenian archives are located in Yerevan, Armenia and are not open to public. Also not open to public are the archives of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, a political terrorist organization located in Boston, Massachusetts. These two Armenian archives escaped scholarly research and scrutiny to this very day. The author asks "What the Armenians are trying to hide?"
    The author asks such questions as why an Armenian terrorist organization, which gained dictatorial power of Armenia in 1918 has its archives in the United States?
    Why are such archives closed to the general public, when the Armenians take advantage of the tax-exempt laws of the United States?
    During the research process for this book, the author discovered that the tiny state of Armenia established what it calls its "Armenian Colony" in the United States in 1918. In addition, Armenia established the Armenian National Union of America, the Armenian Press Bureau based in New York and other Armenian-based groups in America at the same time.
    The sole purpose of these political action organizations was to seek out U.S. government funding and also money and contributions from Christians throughout the United States. In addition, these self-serving Armenian groups work to influence American public opinion, lobby elected officials, and oppose anything connected to Azerbaijan and Turkey. Such efforts that began during the World War I continue unabated to this very day.
    Armenia "claims" to be the first Christian State on earth dating back 1700 years. The question is asked: "Is Armenia really "Christian" as tested by true Christian standards?"
    What has been the role of the one and only "official" Armenian State Church in terrorist activities?
    The chapter of this book titled "HOLY TERROR" is revealing, because this is the first time anyone has researched the Armenian Apostolic Church (also known as the Armenian Orthodox Church) and its leadership role in state sponsored terrorism!
    The author provides clear evidence, time after time, that Armenia has, and continues to play, the Christian vs. Muslim religion/race/ethnic card with great success, regardless of truth.
    For example, in 1992, with a billion dollars in Russian military aid, Armenia made a surprise-sneak attack on its neighbor Azerbaijan. Armenia quickly captured 20% of the country and drove more than one million poor Azerbaijanis from their homes. These Muslims live today in tent city squalor. Clearly, this conduct was not "love your neighbor as your self" as Christ taught.
    Proof is given that the Armenian Church (the state constitution makes it the "official" church of Armenia) has been, and continues to be a leader in promoting and supporting on-going terrorist activities. The author hasn’t discovered any evidence that this so-called church speaks out in opposition to terrorist acts--even when Armenians were assassinating Turkish diplomats on a regular basis throughout the world starting in the 1970s and continued throughout the 1980s. Far from denouncing Armenian terrorism, the Armenian Church was the scene of systematic fund raising efforts designed to finance the legal defenses of the few Armenian terrorists who were caught and later convicted.


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