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Azeri Genocide committed by Armenians on 26th February 1992

Who are Armenians?
Why to spend so much money to Armenians?

  • Armenians attacked future American President Hubert Hoover while he headed US efforts to help rebuild Europe at the end of World War I. Professor Hovannisian reports that Mr. Hoover stated that Armenian corruption, "if made public, would become the greatest scandal in American charitable history."
  • Nasib Bek Usubbekov, an Azerbaijani public official said of the Armenia sneak, cowardly, surprise and unprovoked attack of 1919 that Armenians were "shedding the blood of innocent victims and leaving thousands of widows and orphans."
  • France's Prime Minister Clemenceau stated that "the Armenians were a dangerous people to get mixed up with; particularly as they required a great deal of money and gave very little satisfaction."
  • Philippe Berthelot, secretary of the French peace delegation stated in 1919: "the great difficulty in establishing Armenia is that the Armenians practically nowhere constitute a majority." Yet the Armenians begged, whined, mooched and attacked anyone who refused to give them someone else's land. That is what Armenians did in 1919.
  • John Oliver Wardrop, British Chief Commissioner in Trans-Caucasia stated there was evidence that regular Armenian Army units had attacked many unarmed Muslim villages. He also stated that the Armenians were responsible for most acts of aggression.
  • American Army Colonel William Haskell was sent to Armenia as the High Commissioner for Relief. He resigned his position in disgust in 1920. He concluded that the Armenians were "ungrateful, professional beggars." He went on to add of the Armenians that "they are thieves and liars, utterly debased incapable of helping themselves, unwilling to help each other and entirely lacking in gratitude." The Armenian response was to call him a crook as you have said of me. The Armenians made up one of their famous tall tales and accused this United States Army officer of stealing from the relief efforts. Of course there was no proof offered!
  • Lord Hardinge, the British Undersecretary of State, wrote of Colonel Haskell's report: "Knowing the Armenian character I am not the least surprised by this account."
  • Even the Russians, close friends of the Armenians, objected to their state sponsored terror directed toward Muslims: The Russian People's Commissar sent a formal protest to the Armenians stating that the Armenian armed forces, after plundering Zangibasar and expelled its Muslim inhabitants, have begun to attack the Sharur-Nakhikevan district.
  • US Senator Reed from Missouri objected on the floor of the Senate and stated his objections to America giving 3/4s of a billion dollars and sending 70,000 American troops to give Armenians the Muslim lands from sea to sea that the Armenians craved. He said, "A more monstrous proposition was never put before the American people." Had Armenia had it's way with the United States Senate they would have dragged America into the first Vietnam of the 20th century!
  • President Wilson did all in his power to help Armenia and what were his thanks-A Sam Weems style character attack upon the President of the United States!
  • Countless numbers of Christians and churches raised $50 million dollars to help Armenia after World War I. What was the Armenian response? A Sam Weems type of character attack claiming that the Americans had not done enough to help Armenia!
  • British Naval Commander Harry Lake stated that the Armenians betrayed Great Britain by joining the Bolshevik Revolution and this was "an act of treachery" after the Armenians had begged hundreds of thousands of dollars of military aid from his country.
  • Dwight Osborne and Randal MacDonnell of the British Foreign Office wrote many reports that "brimmed with sarcasm about the cowardliness, unworthiness, and pretentiousness of the Armenians who continued to clamor about the right to Turkish Armenian provinces at a time when, despite having been armed by the British, they were unable to hold on to the Russian Armenian districts that constituted the existing state."
  • And just how did the Armenians run their "existing tiny state" that they had whined, begged and mooched to get? They printed worthless paper money that wasn't backed by anything! The Armenian people paid a terrible price for this action by their dictator leaders.
    The Armenian Assembly of America's personal attack on me is nothing more than a continuation of this long and unbroken string of character attacks. Shame on you!

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