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Azeri Genocide committed by Armenians on 26th February 1992

Public Statement to the Armenian Assmebly of America

      I am making this public statement and asking questions of the Armenian Assembly of America because of this organization's personal attack made upon me in their February 1, 2002 press release.
      The Armenian Assembly of America has publicly called me a "convicted felon." Let me only say that such a character attack is exactly what Armenians have been doing for years to individuals who do not agree with them. It is their modus operandi and style to attack anything and anybody that is not to their liking!
      I shall merely make this very public promise to the Armenian Assembly of America: I shall employ a lawyer and sue you for this slander/libel! In this way both of us shall be in an American court of law at the same time, and you can prove to the world what you claim and if you can't, you shall pay me damages. I defy you to prove I am a convicted felon! How can I vote in each election if I am a convicted felon? How could I have been elected to the Hazen City Council in 1996 if I was a convicted felon? This personal attack on me is nothing more than children's play ground "trash talk" and is not true and the Armenians know it!
      I shall see you in court! You be sure about that! Now dear Armenian Americans, let's get down to the real reason you made this wild and libelous and slanderous attack on me. Permit me now to ask a few questions of the Armenian Assembly of America, since they are the ones who deliberately misrepresented me to the public with their concocted tall tales about me.
      I absolutely refuse to permit you to divert public attention from Armenian evil actions! I am going to give you the opportunity to prove your concocted tall tales in court. Perhaps, until then, you will be so kind as to respond in detail to my questions of you, since you attempted to make my "sinful life" an open book to the world.
      Dear Armenians, let the Christian world determine which of us has something to hide and which of us does not! I am honored that the Armenian Assembly of America has placed me in such good company of very distinguished American, British, French and Russian citizens Armenians have attacked, and made up tall tales about since 1918. Your "distinguished" historian Richard G. Hovannisian mentions all these people. How do you explain the following few examples I shall now share with you FROM HIS PEN? Is your historian a truth teller?
      The Armenian Assembly of America makes the wild and made up typical tall tale that I am a Turkish lackey. THE QUESTIONS I AM ASKING SHOW JUST WHO I AM A LACKEY FOR-ALL AMERICAN CHRISTIAN TAXPAYERS! NO MORE-NO LESS! It is none of any American Christian taxpayer's business relating to relationships the Armenians have with Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia or any of their neighbors. I do object as an American Christian taxpayer, to paying for evil acts committed by Armenians and I call upon the Armenian Assembly of America to read books before foaming at the mouth! I call on the Armenian Assembly of America to practice the teaching of Christ and stop begging and mooching my tax money for the use of evil acts!
      In the meantime, Armenian Assembly of America, I shall see you in the courtrooms of this great land. In a libel suit truth is a perfect defense AND I WELCOME PROVING TO YOU THAT I HAVE NEVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A FELONY! Armenians are big on wanting damages. The only question will be in my lawsuit is how much of a cash award I will receive as damages from the Armenian Assembly of America!
      In the meantime dear Armenians-let's you and I deal with the real issues. I look forward to your direct and honest answers to my questions. So-stop the playground "trash talk" and be honest and direct if you can! The real issue for Americans is not if Sam Weems is a sinner because he is. The real issue is that Armenia deceived and fleeced the American Christians, their churches and their government out of billions of dollars while pretending to follow Jesus Christ! I think I now understand how Christ felt when he threw the unscrupulous money changers out of the temple because their only concern was making money just as Armenians are making money from Christians, Churches and Christian governments around the world.
      Since September 11th the world in which we live has changed. The Christian world must reach out to the Muslim world regardless of whether Armenians like it or not! This is the real issue whether the Armenian Assembly of America likes it or not!

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