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Azeri Genocide committed by Armenians on 26th February 1992

Exclusive interview with Samuel A. Weems, author of the book
"Armenia: The Great Deception-Secrets of a 'Christian' Terrorist State."

      In the upcoming book by Samuel A. Weems, the author provides evidence that Armenians have in the past, and still today, continue to play the Christian versus Muslim religion-race-ethnic card with great success, regardless of truth. The author seeks to expose the selfish and wrong actions by the state of Armenia and demonstrate how this country obtains foreign aid from Christian nations and funding by Christian churches. Weems states that foreign aid is the number one import of this state, and terrorism is its number one export.
      The book answers many questions and is the first work that has researched the Armenian Apostolic Church and its leadership role in state sponsored terrorism. The author of "Armenia: The Great Deception-Secrets of a 'Christian' Terrorist State" uses evidence derived from Armenian historians, as well as American, British and Russian eyewitnesses. It also describes how Armenian dictators have misled their own people, and how Armenia has fought against and opposed the United States War on Terrorism for its own self-interests.
TDN: What are the causes of modern-day Armenian terrorism?

WEEMS: I think there are two basic root causes of modern-day Armenian terrorism.  First, even though the Armenian Church claims to be the oldest official state church in the world, there is no separation of church and state.  The Armenian Church has been an active partner in state sponsored terrorism, dating back to the 1890s and earlier.  The second root cause of modern-day Armenian terrorism is the political structure in Armenia that also dates back to 1890.  Politics and state-sponsored terrorism are one, beginning with the Bell (Hinchak) and Armenian Revolutionary Federation's  (Dashnak) statement of purpose.  These official terrorist policies continue to this day.

TDN: It has been reported that the Armenian members of the Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Committee withdrew from talks because of threats.  Do you know why the Armenian committee members withdrew?

WEEMS: I have followed the activities of this committee closely.  This committee was nothing more than an Armenian scam and con job from day one!  Armenians had an agenda and this is why they agreed to a six-member Turkish Committee with only four Armenians.
The Armenian members, from day one, claimed that it was an established fact there was a genocide of 1.5 Million Armenians in 1915 and that Turkey must pay reparations of money and land to Armenia.  The reason the Armenians wanted a 6 to 4 Turkish Committee majority was because they thought they could convince the Turkish majority into agreeing to have an American Institution make a determination, that the 1948 United Nations Jewish findings of fact would also apply to their alleged 1915 genocide. Had the Armenians been able to talk their way into such a finding by a committee that was majority Turkish, they would have achieved two things to use to create pro-Armenian/anti-Turk world opinion:  First, that a handpicked United States institution had made a finding that there was a genocide equal to the Jewish Genocide UN findings of 1948.  Second, that a majority Turkish Committee had arranged for such a determination.
In my view, there were never real threats by Armenians to the Armenian
Committee members.  Such claims were made to divert attention in an effort
to deceive the Turkish members.

TDN: Has the U.S. political system been used by ethnic lobbies for the
interests of Armenia?

WEEMS: Yes!  Armenians established in the United States, what they called their "Armenian Colony," in about 1918.  Armenia sent thousands of their citizens to the United States to lobby America for money and support from individual Christians, Christian churches and the U.S. Government.  This Armenian lobby has been most successful and continues its activities to this day.  The reason for their success is because they play the ethnic race/Christian versus Muslim cards so well.  The Armenians know that there is no "Muslim" lobby to refute and oppose them.

TDN: Do you have personal knowledge that Armenian Americans place their special interests above vital U.S. interests?

WEEMS: Yes!  Here is but one example of proof certain that Armenian-Americans do such things.  President Bush stated after September 11th that it was in the best interest of the United States to reach out and build friendships throughout the Muslim world.  One such Muslim country the President reached out to was Azerbaijan.
Armenian American politicians objected and fought the President's effort to
establish normal relations with Azerbaijan.  Why?  Because the Armenian
lobby had been successful in getting the U.S. Congress to cut foreign aid
to Azerbaijan after the Armenians' sneak, surprise, cowardly and unprovoked
attack on Azerbaijan in 1992.  Armenian American special interests were
fearful that a new U.S.-Azerbaijan friendship would became strong and
Armenia fears such a friendship and partnership.  Thus Armenia fought the
United States "War on Terrorism" rather than permit America's building
friendships in the Muslim world.  Selfish-Yes!  Anti-Muslim-Yes!  Against
the best interests of the United States-Yes!


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