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Azeri Genocide committed by Armenians on 26th February 1992

    The government of the United States backed this self-called tiny Christian State by thereafter providing 1.4 billion dollars in foreign aid, courtesy of the American taxpayer, that is more foreign aid per person than to any country on earth.
    At the same time, the United States Congress cut foreign aid assistance to Azerbaijan. The reason for this American government action is the result of the successful lobby work of the Armenian Colony within the United States. Armenian American lobbyists worded, handed over to some American lawmakers and eventually secured a national law that declares, on behalf of the United States government, that Azerbaijan created an "illegal blockade." All Azerbaijan did was to refuse to allow the land-locked tiny state of Armenia’s permission to use Azerbaijan’s ports to bring in military supplies to be used against the Azerbaijanis. This "self defense" was successfully misrepresented to the U.S. lawmakers as "illegal blockade".
    Specific evidence is provided to prove, how the Armenian American Colonists lobbied American law-makers to punish Azerbaijan, because this nation defended itself from the "Christians", and refused to allow Armenia the privilege to transport military supplies across Azerbaijan’s soil, to then use against Azerbaijan. Wouldn’t any nation on earth do the same thing?
    However, the United States government backed these "Christian" lobbyists. Author Weems asks the question: "Why did the United States join with Russia and take sides in a domestic matter against Azerbaijan?" The only answer is, it’s a "Christian" vs. "Muslim" conflict. The Christians were wrong in the days of the Crusades, just as they are wrong in getting mixed up with the Armenians today!
    The author asks the question: "Isn’t this American support of joining with the Russians, to help "Christian" Armenia steal a neighbor’s land by the use of terrorism and force more than one million poor Muslims from their homes, a very good reason for the Muslim world to hate Americans?"
    The sad story is that Armenia has been carrying out terrorist actions since 1918 that continue to this day. What is even sadder is the fact that the United States government and too many American Christians still support Armenians by giving money to Armenia just because of the false Armenian claim: "We are fellow Christians."
    Every Christian in the United States must read this book, and do their own investigation to determine for themselves, the true story of Armenia.
    The author provides, example after example, of how Armenians used terrorism as official policy, even before the founding of their Armenian Revolutionary Federation in 1890, and how a small band of dictators mislead their own people and established a dictatorial government that continues to use systematic violence to advance their causes to this day.
    This book, among many revelations, will provide answers to many questions:
    It uncovers the name and official position of the person who made up the tall tale that the Ottoman government massacred 1.5 million Armenians. This book also reveals the actual date the wild tall tale was first told, and who the tall tale was told to. Weems then provides the evidence as to how the tall tale was then spread throughout the Christian world that continues to this very day.
    It uncovers and reveals all the details of why the Ottoman government kicked out all the Armenians who lived in the eastern part of the country in 1915. Proof is provided that the Ottoman government had good cause to remove Armenians from behind their army that was fighting the Russians. The reason was simple. Armenians were helping the invading Russians, by disrupting the Ottoman Army supply lines. Armenians, pretended to be the friends of Ottomans’ for more than 500 years, were playing friends by day and terrorists by night! Any nation on earth would have done the same thing when the nation was in danger of being destroyed!

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