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Azeri Genocide committed by Armenians on 26th February 1992

The content of radio communications of armenian militaries on the 6-7-th of April, 1993 after the occupation of Kelbajar region of Azerbaijan Republic

    From the 1-st of April 1993 Armenian military formation began large-scale attacks over Kelbajar region.During this operation was used a new radio network operating on frequency of 6721 kHz, in order to implement coordination of the operation and general control.
    Materials obtained as a result of radio intelligence service during the operation on the 6-7-th of April 1993 witness that the order was given by the head quarter radio station placed in Vardenis region of Armenia ("GSM -7") to the head radio station in the region of military operation ("Uragan") to liquidate and burry quickly all the captives and hostages including old people, women and children. The cause of that act was to sweep off all the evidences of barbarity against azerbajanians from the representatives of international organization including journalists who arrived at the region of the military operation at that time. 06.04.1993 13:00

    View symbols used in the work of radio station:
  • "Uragan"- "Uragan-1" Listen to you
  • "GSM-7"- A man came here from you. He explained all. Are you in the course of events?
  • "Uragan"- I don't understand you, repeat.
  • "GSM-7"- I say, a man from your side came to us. He explained everything to you, told you about our methods. Do you receive?
  • "Uragan"- I'm not in the course of events.
  • "GSM-7"- "Little nation", "Little nation". Do you understand?
  • "Uragan"- "Little" what?
  • "GSM-7"- "Little nation".
  • "Uragan"- Yes, yes.
  • "GSM-7"- Do you receive? Do you know about it?
  • "Uragan"- No, I don't receive.
  • "GSM-7"- Ask nearby "Uragans". They will tell you how many "Dub"s and "Osina"s are there. "Evaporate" all of them urgently.
  • "Uragan"- What?
  • "GSM-7"- "Hariton", "Hariton's", "Dub" and "Osina" should be liquidated completely. Tell them, they know. Do you receive?
  • "Uragan"- O'key
  • "GSM-7"- Do it very quickly. Without fail. Do you get the command?
  • "Uragan"- Yes, yes, I got it.
  • "GSM"- Tell them, all of them know. Keep in touch whom you can and explain them everything. The text should be coded. So that all men must execute this command immediately.
  • "Uragan"- Here are two "Osina"s, we need the "Golub" to send them away.
  • "GSM"- You misunderstand me. You mean our "Osina". I talk about "Osina"s and "Dub"s of opposite side. Do you understand me?
  • "Uragan"- I understand.
  • "GSM"- Urgently pass to all "big"s and "small"s or whoever you find: no one should be seen in the territory.
  • "Uragan"- I understand you.
  • "GSM"- "Uragan-I", pass all that I told you also to "Manushak-10" by coded text, and let him do all quickly. And pass it to all of his neighbours as soon as possible.
  • "Uragan-I"- We have their "Osina"s. Young men. We are waiting for the "Golub".
  • "GSM"- Make all of them 10 meters down in horizontal position. Do you understand?
  • "Uragan-I"- Repeat it.
  • "GSM"- Urgently. Everyone they have and the whole amount.
  • "Uragan-I"- I understand you
  • "Uragan-I"- It's me, Gnel
  • "L"- What should I pass?
  • "Uragan-I"- Have you heard the last information?
  • "L"- What about? About correspondents?
  • "Uragan-I"- Well, if you have not heard, I'll speak to "GSM" and find out.
  • "L"- Well stay on the air and don't disappear.
  • "Uragan-I"- I am always on the air.
  • "L"- He looked for you and asked why you had wanted him. He did not find you, got angry and went away.
  • "Uragan-I"- I understand. Now you know, why we looked for him. So tell him.
  • "L"- I know, but he is still engaged with the "upper"s.
  • "Uragan-I"- I understand. I will not transmit anything to anybody until he tells me personally.
  • "L"- He will come and tell. If you want to know, by the law it's me but not "Martunic" who should transmit. He has no right to operate.
  • "Uragan-I"- He has. He has. Well, they also want to get the operational cables from me. What should I do?
  • "L"- "Martunic" will come and speak to you. But he has no right by the law.
  • "Uragan-I"- There are no laws here!
  • "L"- There are no laws here, because here is a bedlam! Everything has been turned to telephone!
  • "M"- "Martunic" listens to you.
  • "Uragan-I"- I ask to repeat your command personally.
  • "M"- Who is speaking?
  • "Uragan-I"- It's "Uragan-I"
  • "M"- Shut up, "Uragan-I", know you place and do what you were told. Don't juggle! Do you understand me?
  • "Uragan-I"- I need your personal order.
  • "M"- I say again. When I see you I'll shoot you down at once. Don't play the fool. You have got that order so do it. Give me chief "Uragan".
  • "Uragan-I"- Chief "Uragan" is not here.
  • "M"- You have got the order, execute it or transmit it to the chief "Uragan". Don't meddle in. You are too small to meddle in.
  • "Uragan-I"- I understand you.
  • "M"- Call Gnel.
  • "Gnel"- "Gnel" listens.
  • "M"- Tell that man who spoke to me not to play the fool. He must transmit what we said. This is an order from above for you and for the chief. May be he wants me to work as an operator instead of him? I'll shoot him down! All of these villains!
  • "G"- I understand you. I want to ask how do the guests from your side come back?
  • "M"- By the same way.
  • "02"-From "02" to "GSM".
  • "M"- From "Manushak-10" to "GSM".
  • "Sasha-22"- From "Sasha-22" to "GSM-7".
  • "L"- From "Leo-13" to "GSM-7".
  • "GSM"- Where are you? You hear me but don't want to answer. So, Tiko will explain you. Let him come to the scheme. Do you receive?
  • "L"- I receive.
  • "GSM"- Have you recognized the last "Dub"? Who is he?
  • "Uragan-I"- No, I haven't.
  • "GSM"- Do you know where that last "Dub" was? Give me "Abo". Do you know where the "Dub" was?
  • "Uragan-I"- Yes, I know.
  • "GSM"- There are many "Dub"s and "Osina"s nearby. You should make there by all means, that place especially. Do you receive?
  • "Uragan-I"- Do you receive?
  • "GSM"- I receive.
  • "Uragan-I"- I am waiting for your answer. Cleanness and order.
Date: 06:04:93 Time: 14:00 Frequency: 6721
  • "Uragan-I"- At his place.
  • "L"- It's "Leo-13". Go and tell him to come. Let him tell me personally and give order about it.
  • "Uragan-I"- "Leo-13"!
  • "L"- I listen to you.
  • "Uragan-I"- Artash, is that you?
  • "L"- He is absent
  • "Uragan-I"- Where is he?
  • "L"- He is around here not far away and will return soon. Who asks him?
  • "G"- Will they be today?
  • "M"- We are waiting for their coming (from the main town) and later send them there for those bandits. Transmit to all commanders so they should know and execute the command.
  • "Uragan-I"- I call "Manushak-10" . Get in touch with "GSM-7".
  • "GSM-7"- I transmitted a very important message. Why weren't you on the air?
  • "Uragan-I"- I am always on the air.
  • "GSM-7"- Have you heard what I transmitted?
  • "Uragan-I"- Repeat everything to me, please.
  • "GSM-7"- Listen attentively. Do you know about "Little man"?
  • "Uragan-I"- "Little man"?
  • "GSM-7"- Yes, yes, "Little man". I explained everything to the person who worked there before you. I explained the meanings to him. Now go on.
  • "Uragan-I"- He doesn't know. I've asked him.
  • "GSM-7"- "Little man", "Little nation". Do you receive?
  • "Uragan-I"- I do.
  • "GSM-7"- "Zeleni", "Osina", "Dub" - 2 meters down and flat. Do you receive?
  • "Uragan-I"- I do and understand.
  • "GSM-7"- Transmit to all and everywhere. Do you know that "Dub" at Abo's? Do you know his place?
  • "Uragan-I"- No, I don't
  • "GSM-7"- Do you remember when Abo said: "I am here, it's my place"?
  • "Uragan-I"- Yes, I do.
  • "GSM-7"- That place is the most important.
  • "Uragan-I"- I understand. I have "Zeleni" - "Osina".
  • "GSM-7"- It concerns them, personally them - the whole amount. Do you receive?
  • "Uragan-I"- I do.
  • "GSM-7"- Is everything clear?
  • "Uragan-I"- Yes, it is. Does it concern "Noshka-3" too?
  • "GSM-7"- Sure, if there are "Osina" and "Dub" among them.
Date: 07:04:93 Time: 8:20 Frequency: 6721
  • "GSM-7"- Yesterday everything was told to your Artash. He understood everything. Is Artash at your place?
  • "Uragan-I"- No. Which Artash do you mean: from"Leo-13" or "Garik-02"?
  • "GSM-7"- From "Uragan-I". He is from inhabitants of December 7, 1988.
  • "Uragan-I"- I understand you. He is absent. He went down to "Uragan".
  • "GSM-7"- Doesn't he keep you in the course of events? And what to do if he is asked.
  • "Uragan-I"- He said something but it was so incredible that I didn't understand anything. I ask you to repeat the order so I can transmit it to the others exactly.
  • "GSM-7"- Do you know what should be done with "Dub" and "Osina". Yes or not?
  • "Uragan-I"- Yes, I know.
  • "GSM-7"- You do not know "GSM-7" at all. Do you understand?
  • "Uragan-I"- I don't.
  • "GSM-7"- You do not know "GSM-7" and its territory. Do you understand? Opposite side doesn't know us.
  • "Uragan-I"- I understand you.
  • "GSM-7"- You are "Little people" and do not know us. Do you understand?
  • "Uragan-I"- What do you want to say? What does it mean, "Little people", territory? Tell what you mean plainly. Transmit the order.
  • "GSM-7"- I can't speak openly. We are being recorded. That is why I can't speak openly. You must understand me. "Little people" are known, we are known. Do you understand?
  • "Uragan-I"- I understand you. You may transmit the information.
  • "GSM-7"- There is nothing serious. You know already what should be done with "Dub" and "Osina".All the territories should be cleared up and everything has to be in order. You don't know us, and we don't know you. Do you receive?
  • "Uragan-I"- I receive and understand.
  • "GSM-7"- Try to find out detailes. I must report to "Martunic".
  • "Uragan-I"- Ready.
Date: 07:04:93 Time: 8:25 Frequency: 6721
  • "Uragan"- Hello, Gurgen is listening. What is the news?
  • "GSM-7"- At first: the "guests" are coming to you. Today I am ready to receive - I am also waiting for "guests" but from abroad. The"guests" want to be sure that we don't take part in this war. Everything is ready. I am waiting for them. How well do you understand me? Receive.
  • "Uragan"- When do you expect them to arrive?
  • "GSM-7"- At 10 o'clock. Gregory Gareginovich accompanies them.
  • "Uragan"- I understand you. Gregory Gareginovich is the chief person.
  • "GSM-7"- He comes to me and you will be visited by the high-rank officials from our main city.
  • "Uragan"- I receive. How is the situation on the road? Is "Martunic" finishing the work or not?
  • "GSM-7"- Everything will be finished today, Gurgen-djan. Everything will be opened. And the first caravan will reach you.
  • "Uragan"- Understand. When will the "Golub" arrive here?

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