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Azeri Genocide committed by Armenians on 26th February 1992

"The tragedy of 1992"

The USA's Congress called the terrible carnage in Khojaly "The tragedy of 1992", especially for the brutality and atrocities committed by Armenians. At that time Armenians killed there about thousand Azerbaijanians. However by then 100 thousands of people were killed in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There were atrocities in Bosnia too, but Armenian's atrocities were much terribly. The conclusion of decision American's Congress' was based upon this...

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JEAN-IVE-YUNET, journalist (France)

..We happened to be the witnesses of Khodjaly massacre, we saw the dead - bodies of hundreds of civilians - women, children, old-age people and defenders of Khodjaly. We managed lo fly by helicopter, we were taking photographs of everything we saw around Khodjaly at a height of a bird's flight. However Armenians started shooting our helicopter and we couldn't manage to finish our job. That was a terrible scene. I heard a lot about wars, about cruelty of German fascists, but Armenians went beyond them, killing 5 or 6 year-old children, innocent people. We saw a lot of injured people in hospitals, carriages, even in kindergarten and school buildings.

V. Belykh "Izvestia" newspaper reporter

...The dead-bodies exchanged for the alive hostages are occasionally brought to Agdam. You won' t see i t even in a nightmare: pierced out eyes, cut off ears, scalped heads, cut off heads. A n u m ber of corpses were dragged by ropes after the armed personnel carriers. There was no limit to humiliation.

CHINGHIZ MUSTAFAYEV, Azerbaijan Television reporter:

... Dozens and dozens of shot dead people (most of them point-blank through the head), children aged from 2 to 15, women, old age people. The location of the corpses proves thaf it was a cold-blooded slaughter, there were no signs of resistance or attempts to escape. Some civilians were shot separately, the others were killed in groups, or families. Some corpses have several wounds but every corpse has at least one wound in the head. It means that the wounded were finished off afterwards...

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Leonid Kravets, officer, major.

On February 26 I was taking the wounded out of Stepanakert by helicopter and returning through Askeran gap. Some bright spots downwards took my eye. We started to descend and my co-pilot cried: 'Look! There are women and children over there'. I saw about two hundred corpses scattered down the hillside. Armed men were walking among them. Then we flew there trying to pick up corpses. Militia captain, I can't remember his name, was with us. He found his 4-year-old son with crashed skull and he went out of his mind. The other child that we had managed to pick up before they started shooting had his head cut off. I saw mutilated bodies of women, children, old - age people everywhere...

YURI YAKHOVITCH, the private of infantry regiment 366.

...They persuaded that we were Christians and we had to fight against Moslems. They kept us in awful subhuman conditions, we couldn't bear being there and we had to desert the regiment and escape to Khojaly.

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